Adventures with Ashleigh!

One of my housemates, Ashleigh, and I decided embark on an adventure to the San Jose flea market. Being students at UCSC, with no cars, this turned out to be quite the experience. First, we had to take the 20 to the Metro Center in Santa Cruz. From there, we took the Highway 17 express to the San Jose Diridon. There, we wandered around rather lost until a nice man who worked there helped us plan our route and since we were lost, gave us free day transportation passes, which, in and of itself was enough to make my day. We then hopped aboard the light rail, which we took to the civic center. From there, we took the 36 to the flea market.

The flea market was not as exciting as we had hoped, and it was surprisingly much more repetitive than one would expect. It was also much more random than I would have thought–there were cars for sale. Who would have thought of finding that at a flea market?! Despite all its strangeness, we were very excited to find the produce section, because there were many foods neither of us had ever seen before.

After the flea market, it was back on the 36 to the civic center, where we took the light-rail to the convention center (having gotten on the wrong one, we had to transfer to the correct one there) and then the light-rail back to the Diridon, and the Highway 17 express back to the Santa Cruz Metro. We then went to get Thai food (with the money we didn’t spend at the flea market). After that and a quick stop at the market, we were ready to go back to campus. We got back to the Metro Center, and were in line for the 16, when we saw Laura (one of my other housemates) and her boyfriend Patrick. Laura had with her a large bag that she was eager to show us the contents of. She reached in and pulled out a cage with a little black mouse, intended to be a friend for Josephine, her current pet mouse. Her plan was to slowly introduce “Isabella” and Josephine, until they were friends and could live in the same cage. The flaw in that plan was quickly revealed when Ashleigh noticed that Isabella was in fact, a boy mouse. Now, little Oscar lives in his pink cage, where he is working on mastering his understanding of his wheel, and Josephine is still left alone in her cage.


~ by Melissa on February 5, 2007.

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