So I almost, sort of, kind of could have died today.

My sisters and I decided we were going to go to the malls (I say malls, because in Stockton, there are two malls right next to each other) today to buy presents for Christmas. My sister Jenny and I wanted to go to the Weberston mall first, but Megan wanted to go the the Sherwood. Since Jenny and I outnumbered her in opinion, we went to the Weberston. After spending about an hour there, we headed over to the Sherwood. As I pulled into the parking lot, I noticed a couple of police cars, but didn’t really think anything of them; I assumed they were just arresting shop lifters, and since everything else seemed to be business as usual, we went on with our shopping. The store we were going into was right inside the mall entrance, and when we entered, the clerk asked “Were you scared too?” Having no clue what she was talking about, we asked “Why?” As it turns out, the cop cars were not in the parking lot to arrest a shop lifter, but to arrest a crazy guy, who had had a gun and a machete that he was waving around at customers. The clerk also said that he had stabbed a couple of people, and although that is unconfirmed, I don’t doubt it. So basically, my point of this story is that if Jenny and I had listened to Megan, we could have been among the people stabbed or threatened… and people wonder why I don’t like Stockton.


~ by Melissa on December 10, 2006.

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